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The Digitize Enterprise project has been created in order to help participants of youth programmes to learn more about Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. We aim to boost skills in the areas of Enterprise by providing 3 main outputs. These are:

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Our Digitize Enterprise consortium is made up of 5 transnational partners from across Europe. Below you can find out more about our partners and visit each website to see more of our work

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Here is the latest news from the Digitize Enterprise project via our blog

User pilots take place for output 2

IO2 Pilot Process Recently the Digitize Enterprise team have been actively engaging young people in the piloting or testing of the IO2 content.  What is IO2? IO2 is our very interactive Virtual Learning Lab.  This area has been designed as a space to learn about enterprise and entrepreneurship while taking part in 10 gaming challenges,

Apr 19, 2021 Admin

Microlearning and Digitize Enterprise

As the Digitize Enterprise outputs continue to be developed and finalised, we thought it might be great to introduce our readers to the concept of digital learning nuggets which are used throughout our toolkit and learning lab. These Digital learning nuggets use the methodology of microlearning in order to be accessible and engaging for our

Mar 09, 2021 Admin

Equipping young Entrepreneurs for life after lockdown

Recently we have had the opportunity to provide a guest blog for the Erasmus+ Uk website. In this post we have focussed on how entrepreneurs have coped with life during lockdown and what this could possibly mean for the future of entrepreneurship within our youth today. Have a read of the article at the following

Sep 10, 2020 Admin

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