Monthly Archives: July 2019


Web and Socials Live!

As part of the Digitize Enterprise project, we intend on keeping all stakeholders up to date on all progress and actions taken during the lifespan of the project.

To do this we have created a website where you can keep up to date on all project information. You can visit the website at

We have also set up a Facebook page where you can more closely monitor the news and stories within the Digitize Enterprise project. You can follow our Facebook page at

Digitize Enterprise first meeting

Kick off meeting

The Digitize Enterprise project has officially begun with partners gathering at the CREST Centre, a renewable centre which is part of South West College in Northern Ireland.

This was the first time partners got the opportunity to meet and share ideas of what possibilities lie in the project scope. During the meeting it was clear that all partners shared the passion for the project and the outcomes from it.

Over the next 31 months, work will take place on our 3 main outputs which will be launched in October 2021. Throughout the duration of this project we are certain to see some exciting developments in the area of Enterprise.

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