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User pilots take place for output 2

IO2 Pilot Process

Recently the Digitize Enterprise team have been actively engaging young people in the piloting or testing of the IO2 content. 

What is IO2?

IO2 is our very interactive Virtual Learning Lab.  This area has been designed as a space to learn about enterprise and entrepreneurship while taking part in 10 gaming challenges, with each game having a focus on a different entrepreneurial theme.

The Pilot

Each project partner had the task of recruiting 20 young people to test the virtual learning lab and provide valuable feedback on all aspects from enjoyment to design.  From an Irish perspective we worked closely with a local secondary school who incorporate entrepreneurship approaches into their transition year curriculum.  They were very appreciative and complementary of the opportunity to have their students participate in the pilot.

On a specific day in March over 30 transition year students spent much of their academic day in our virtual learning lab, were a lot of direct and indirect learning was achieved.  Many of these students were actively running mini companies as part of their education and complimented the style of learning provided from the virtual learning lab whilst also acknowledging that some of the games were quite challenging.

In total we aim to have over 100 young people involved in the pilot.  As you work your way through the 10 challenges there is an opportunity to obtain badges, which can be downloaded and entered into a Certificate of Recognition

How to access the Virtual Learning Lab

You can find out loads more about this innovative project on the Digitize Enterprise website:  The Virtual Learning Lab is contained within the website and will be available to the public very soon.  WATCH THIS SPACE!

Microlearning and Digitize Enterprise

As the Digitize Enterprise outputs continue to be developed and finalised, we thought it might be great to introduce our readers to the concept of digital learning nuggets which are used throughout our toolkit and learning lab.

These Digital learning nuggets use the methodology of microlearning in order to be accessible and engaging for our users while still providing fantastic learning content. For a greater idea on microlearning, read on…

What is Microlearning?

The word microlearning comes from the greek work micro, meaning small. Microlearning is about getting eLearning in small doses, in the form of small ‘nuggets’ of training material that you can comprehend in a short time.  Microlearning is performed in short time periods and it requires little effort from individual sessions. Microlearning involves simple and/or narrow topics that are easy to learn and understand in a short period. According to John Eaddes in microlearning is: “A way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts.The learners are in control of what and when they’re learning.”

The benefits of microlearning

Research has shown that we learn and retain more when we study in short focused bursts than in longer sessions. Microlearning is also a great fit for the modern age, when almost everybody has a mobile phone or device that connects to the internet. Microlearning is very versatile and learning can take place anywhere. For example, on the bus to school.   Microlearning also offers a learner-centred approach to learning.  A learner is a crucial figure in the learning process.  At the same time, the learner plays an active role in the learning process which should be adapted to their abilities and circumstances.  Below is an example of a modern learner and some of the distractions in every-day life. This shows that microlearning may be the best way for a modern learner as it is short, simple and concise.

Examples of microlearning

Watching short,  instructional videos on YouTube can be considered a form of microlearning. This is because you are learning a new skill or new method of carrying out a procedure in a short amount of time. Learning about a subject through flashcards is considered as microlearning because it involves applications that present the learner with small cue cards (flashcards) with limited content such as new language words, parts of the human anatomy, countries, chemical elements, etc. to aid in memorizing them.

So now that you know all about microlearning, keep an eye on our website for the full release of out microlearning content which be be available this Summer!

Equipping young Entrepreneurs for life after lockdown

Recently we have had the opportunity to provide a guest blog for the Erasmus+ Uk website.

In this post we have focussed on how entrepreneurs have coped with life during lockdown and what this could possibly mean for the future of entrepreneurship within our youth today.

Have a read of the article at the following link

The 2nd transnational meeting of Digitize Enterprise in Greece!

The second transnational meeting of the project “Digitize Enterprise” was held this time in the city of Larissa, Greece. Partners from 4 different countries – UK, Ireland, Spain & Cyprus visited Larissa city in the central Greece, in order to attend the meeting hosted by the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED).

During the meeting partners had the opportunity to track the development of the Intellectual Output 1 – The Youth Work Toolkit.

Moreover, partners presented their work on the digital learning nuggets (an innovative way of micro-learning) and discussed for their further development and refinements.

Finally, they all together put a strong basis for the development of the other two intellectual outputs – the Virtual Learning Lab and the Digitize Enterprise Professional Development Programme.

Stay tuned for our project’s new updates!

Output 1 development begins

Over the past few months, partners have begun work on the first output for the Digitize Enterprise project. This work is progressing fast with the project getting closer to defining the first set of learning tools for our end users.

What is Output 1?

The first output of the project will be the development of a series of digital learning nuggets that will focus on key areas of Enterprise. These learning nuggets focus on the concept of micro learning, with each one taking less than 10 minutes to deliver and including the possibility of additional activities for further learning.

The learning nuggets will be themed around 10 key Enterprise themes, with each theme including 3 learning nuggets. This means, there will be 30 nuggets in total!

Each Nugget will use a variety of formats to ensure the end product is innovative and engaging for the end user.

What are the 10 key themes addressed?

The project team have investigated the most appropriate themes that will boost Enterprise skills and knowledge, the themes are:

  • Introduction to Enterprise
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Leadership
  • Marketing and Business Start-Up Basics
  • Stress & Time Management
  • Building Networks
  • Business Planning & Sustainability
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Financial Management & Fundraising

Who can use the learning nuggets?

Anyone really! The nuggets are developed with a target age range of 16 – 30 in mind but they will be appropriate for users outside of this age range.

These learning tools will be perfect for Youth Leaders and teachers to use with their groups and will be very easy to deliver within your groups or lessons.

How can I access the learning nuggets?

As the project progresses, we will have an online toolkit that will provide access to all of these resources for FREE, no subscriptions, no registrations!

Keep following the progress of the project to get the link to the toolkit in the future.

Web and Socials Live!

As part of the Digitize Enterprise project, we intend on keeping all stakeholders up to date on all progress and actions taken during the lifespan of the project.

To do this we have created a website where you can keep up to date on all project information. You can visit the website at

We have also set up a Facebook page where you can more closely monitor the news and stories within the Digitize Enterprise project. You can follow our Facebook page at

Digitize Enterprise first meeting

Kick off meeting

The Digitize Enterprise project has officially begun with partners gathering at the CREST Centre, a renewable centre which is part of South West College in Northern Ireland.

This was the first time partners got the opportunity to meet and share ideas of what possibilities lie in the project scope. During the meeting it was clear that all partners shared the passion for the project and the outcomes from it.

Over the next 31 months, work will take place on our 3 main outputs which will be launched in October 2021. Throughout the duration of this project we are certain to see some exciting developments in the area of Enterprise.

DE logo

Welcome to Digitize Enterprise!

Welcome to our Digitize Enterprise Blog. Here you can keep up to date with news and stories following the Digitize Enterprise project.

If you have any thoughts or queries on our project, please feel free to get in touch at any time!

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