Output 1 development begins


Output 1 development begins

October 9, 2019 admin

Over the past few months, partners have begun work on the first output for the Digitize Enterprise project. This work is progressing fast with the project getting closer to defining the first set of learning tools for our end users.

What is Output 1?

The first output of the project will be the development of a series of digital learning nuggets that will focus on key areas of Enterprise. These learning nuggets focus on the concept of micro learning, with each one taking less than 10 minutes to deliver and including the possibility of additional activities for further learning.

The learning nuggets will be themed around 10 key Enterprise themes, with each theme including 3 learning nuggets. This means, there will be 30 nuggets in total!

Each Nugget will use a variety of formats to ensure the end product is innovative and engaging for the end user.

What are the 10 key themes addressed?

The project team have investigated the most appropriate themes that will boost Enterprise skills and knowledge, the themes are:

  • Introduction to Enterprise
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Leadership
  • Marketing and Business Start-Up Basics
  • Stress & Time Management
  • Building Networks
  • Business Planning & Sustainability
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Financial Management & Fundraising

Who can use the learning nuggets?

Anyone really! The nuggets are developed with a target age range of 16 – 30 in mind but they will be appropriate for users outside of this age range.

These learning tools will be perfect for Youth Leaders and teachers to use with their groups and will be very easy to deliver within your groups or lessons.

How can I access the learning nuggets?

As the project progresses, we will have an online toolkit that will provide access to all of these resources for FREE, no subscriptions, no registrations!

Keep following the progress of the project to get the link to the toolkit in the future.

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