User pilots take place for output 2


User pilots take place for output 2

April 19, 2021 admin

IO2 Pilot Process

Recently the Digitize Enterprise team have been actively engaging young people in the piloting or testing of the IO2 content. 

What is IO2?

IO2 is our very interactive Virtual Learning Lab.  This area has been designed as a space to learn about enterprise and entrepreneurship while taking part in 10 gaming challenges, with each game having a focus on a different entrepreneurial theme.

The Pilot

Each project partner had the task of recruiting 20 young people to test the virtual learning lab and provide valuable feedback on all aspects from enjoyment to design.  From an Irish perspective we worked closely with a local secondary school who incorporate entrepreneurship approaches into their transition year curriculum.  They were very appreciative and complementary of the opportunity to have their students participate in the pilot.

On a specific day in March over 30 transition year students spent much of their academic day in our virtual learning lab, were a lot of direct and indirect learning was achieved.  Many of these students were actively running mini companies as part of their education and complimented the style of learning provided from the virtual learning lab whilst also acknowledging that some of the games were quite challenging.

In total we aim to have over 100 young people involved in the pilot.  As you work your way through the 10 challenges there is an opportunity to obtain badges, which can be downloaded and entered into a Certificate of Recognition

How to access the Virtual Learning Lab

You can find out loads more about this innovative project on the Digitize Enterprise website:  The Virtual Learning Lab is contained within the website and will be available to the public very soon.  WATCH THIS SPACE!

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